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4-3-2013 Post


What's happening everybody, Elder Buckley with a "holla atcha boy" from Yonkers! (: Life has been pretty fantastic! We have two baptismal dates for the month of April and I know for a fact one of them will go through. Pretty exciting stuff! I hope everyone, family and friends, is doing well and I feel the thoughts and prayers all the time, thank you. Life has, really though, been pretty tough as well. Living on not a lot of food, and pretty darn ghetto living conditions gets to me sometimes, but since we have a great quattro in the pad, it's been pretty fine. I'm also, and I know this might sound weird, but I'm starting to think white people are weird and I'm kind of upset when I see them!! Haha, I think this but I don't all at the same time, it's so strange. The Spanish culture is just so much more accepting of us as missionaries and people and they will invite you in if they're not busy. It's pretty nice. Whenever we tract during an APF for the English, I get sad because it's just a lot of door slams and yelling. True, a lot of the Spanish and blacks do that to us as well, but nothing nearly as bad as what the English elders and sisters go through. Anyhoo, I hope everyone is good, I love you all.

P.S. Ignore typos i have to go fast(:

3/27/13 Wednesday o glorious p-day! Well, mostly... we woke up, did laundry and Elder Rydalch and I had a pretty fun time in the morning in the streets going to stores. We then napped ate and began to clean LIKE NO OTHER. We took out tons of trash, and Elder Rydalch and I cleaned that nasty bathroom. The thing hadn't been properly cleaned out in transfers man, could have been a year. I wiped off like an inch of green/black mold off the window sill thing and about died. But now our bathroom and apartment is more or less clean! (: So then we got dressed, emailed for like 2 hours, and had another lesson with Olivia and the English elders and Hermano Polanco sat in as the member present and we translated his spanish as he talked to her about the Plan of Salvation it was pretty neat. Then we had the priesthood meeting at Hermano Quezadas house when we ate los tres culpes, salami, yucca, and fried queso. DELICIOUS.

3/29/13 Friday
Well today was a pretty alright day. But first I have to write about the split that Elder Cox and I had that was absolutely awesome. Elder Cox came over and split with me and thursday night for Friday. We all had a blast talking with him and staying up late having fun before beginning a long day tomorrow. In the morning it was great, we talked about how to set goals and involving the Spirit in those it was great, and we shared the quikry things about each others companions and it was just fantastic. I was the driver that day too, driving the flipping Corolla felt great. So, first thing was lunch and I tried to take him to the Yonkers deli slice but it was closed. SHUT DOWN. The best dollar slice in our area, gone. Sadness overwhelmed me, I had to take a moment for recomposure. We sucked it up and ate Lil Greasers right next to our church and then printed out english class flyers to go down elm st. Elm st is the most ghetto and dangerous street in our area, pictures of it will come next week. It was successful and fun and nobody died. Then we went and did an APF for the english sisters in Tarrytown and it was successful for Spanish only. Elder Cox and I rushed back and had a powerful lesson to Juan Lopez about la palabra de sabiduria y tambien la ley de castidad. Lo fue bien, y el elder cox fue bien con la idioma. Then, we went home and blasted gospel music with the windows down and sang at the top of our lungs. I hope I train fairly soon haha.

Best day ever man, but soooo long. Started off with some sleeping in because I still felt terrible from sunday and then we were off to another flippin fantastic breakfast appt con la familia Carrpio. This family is my favorite family so far, I need pictures of them soon. We reactivated them and now they love us. We went over and just had cool convos about all sorts of stuff. I played with their two littlest girls and they love me. We had a tradtional American breakfast, french toast, eggs, bacon and milk. Hermana Carrpio says I'm good with kids and that I will have a lot and have a great wife. She said Elder Pickard will have a couple of kids and have kind of a crazy wife. I don't know, time will tell! Hahaha. Then we left did english class flyers on the rest of elm st., had an amazing lesson with Lily who accepted a baptismal invitation for April 14th, then we had a surprise lesson with two investigators gabriel and martin, both english class students. Then we had a funny english class where I came up with the topic to teach about personal care and hygiene and it was a funnny class where we learned a lot as well.

These were the highlight-days for sure, and there was so many other things but I only have so much time. I love you all so very much and I hope you think about me as much as I do about you.Pray for me, and keep trying to do your best in everything. I have a testimony of this gospel and most assuredly of missionary work, and I hope you all can share it as much as you can.

Elder Buckley

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