Tuesday, July 23, 2013

7-17-2013 Letter


Hello everybody!! (: Elder Buckley here, and its been a while since I've written a group letter I'm sorry about that. Its just been so hectic, its been hard.

As an update, I'm currently training here in Yonkers, and just took over a 2nd area, because the sisters were taken out of it for a while. So, Elder Hall and I are the only ones here speaking Spanish, its super crazy! But I know that the Lord can't and won't give me anything I cant handle so its all good!

So, before, we had 2 baptismal dates. Well, we don't anymore. The 2 people we were teaching told us they don't wanna hear it anymore, but that's alright. Everything in the Lord's way, the Lord's time. But, we are having things pick up here in Yonkers, we're working hard. I had some ideas about how to make things progress a little quicker, and so far they're working! Super happy about that, and super happy to just be out here, preaching the gospel!

So, funny story. We were in Manhattan today for P-Day, and I spotted the Book of Mormon play. So, we had the idea to walk past everyone waiting in line to see what would happen. Everyone stopped talking and just stared hardcore at us the whole time we walked past. Pretty funny.

Well, we don't have a lot of time, so that's about as much as I'll be able to write today. Everyone that I haven't gotten back to, I promise to this week. I love you all thanks for the prayers and thoughts, they're felt all the time.

Love, that Mesa Elder,

Elder Buckley