Monday, August 19, 2013

8-14-2013 Letter


Hey all! 

I know it's been a while, but Elder Buckley is here, still in Yonkers! For those of you who don't know, I am currently training, just over 6 months in the field, and now am working 2 areas! Pretty crazy being the only Spanish missionaries in Yonkers right now. We take on a lot, but coming back to our ghetto apartment each night, tired as all get out, is a good feeling.

Gotta make a quick shout-out to Saul Marquez, giving thanks for visiting me in Yonkers while he was in New York. It was a good time, pretty cool to say the least. I'll always appreciate it.

So, as far as the work goes right now, it's going decently well now, especially for the summer time. We are getting some cool new investigators and some cool results from the awesome activities that we hold, like English class and noche de amistad. Fun stuff. Also, the weather here is cooling down and getting a lot nicer. It's a beautiful day today, and there not a lot of humidity. Thankfully, it was hard with the humidity, so nasty. Especially not having a car for that time.

Elder H and I are doing quite well, getting along great and working the areas well. Members are great, things are going smoothly but a little slower, which I can't complain about. The life of a missionary.

So, I'll probably only be in Yonkers for 1 more transfer cycle which is weird to think about. Most Spanish training is done with 2 cycles then they take over the area, although I was trained for 3. We'll see!! (: Any guesses as to where I'm going next?? City or far upstate? E-mail me and we'll see who guesses it! Hahaha.

Well, I hope everyone is doing well and that everything is going good back home. I miss it, but I know I am doing the right thing by being out here and there's no other place I'd rather be right now. Love you all, have a great week. I'll send some pics a little later this week.


Elder Buckley 

8-7-2013 Excerpts from personal letters to my family!


...We're doing well over here in Yonkers, same old, same old, except for that the weather is a ton nicer right now. I'm still living with Elder R, love that kid, but now it's my comp Elder H, and Elder O. I love both of those guys, everybody is great. And yes, I'm slowly getting the new area down and integrated, it's just so hard. All those members are used to sisters, and are weird around the elders, but its fine (:

 ...Heavenly Father never has and never will give us more than we can handle, I can testify to that.

...We had an awesome week, let me write to you what I wrote to President: "This week has been pretty decent, and I hope yours has been as well. Elder H and I are doing quite well, and really I only wish to relate one experience to you that we had this past Tuesday evening. We had one of our members, Hermana T, set up something really cool for us missionaries to participate in. We have this park next to an old police station here in Yonkers, and there was an event in the which the police, other officials and specifically the mayor, gathered together and walked around all these tables with different events, free things, and other offers. She got us a table and we set up a great table with a lot of materials, and we got to talk to so many people. We taught a lot of lessons and shared with many people, gained new investigators, and even saw some really less-active members and got to reconnect with them. It was a great experience that us and the English elders got to enjoy, and it really gave me a stronger assurance of how strong and helpful, as well as essential, the members are. I hope you have a great week President, and that the family is happy and safe."

...Our members really are awesome and they help so much.

...One of the things I've loved to study about lately is faith and hope and how they intertwine. Romans 8: 24-25 and then Moroni 7: 40-43 are really good with this. One of my favorites of the week.