Sunday, April 21, 2013

4-17-2013 Letter & Picture


How's it going everybody?! Man, Elder Buckley made it through his first whole cycle (6 weeks) who would have thought? (; I am still with Elder Pickard and everybody in the apartment is still the same as well which makes me happy. I had my first baptism!!! Her name is Lily and she is in her mid 30's and the missionaries have been teaching her for two years now and she's finally baptized. It's so cool. A lot of members and other people are starting to warm up to me now and a lot of the kids like me haha. The Spanish is still coming along well and we're teaching a lot. I know it's not about the numbers, but Elder Pickard and I had the highest ones overall this past transfer, we've been working really hard. I have been very tired lately and we haven't been eating a super ton, but we've been doing better this past little bit. It's hard to be a missionary a lot of the times, but I love it so much. I don't really know what to write this week since besides the baptism there really hasn't been anything so new or crazy, but I will include two journal entries. I love you all so much and hope that you are all doing well. I know that this gospel is true and that our Heavenly Father loves us. I know that when we need to, like Enos, we can pray when our soul needs nourishment. I know that families are sooo important, and even though a lot of people struggle with maintaining a happy family, especially out here, when we try our best to unify our family and involve the gospel when we do so, families can be happier and stronger. I love you all, keep going strong and keep the faith. Here's the two journal entries:

4/12/13 - Holy crap, I'm a terrible journalist. Well, today. It started off with a bunch of errands, taking fruit to the freaking Sisters, going to Target in White Plains @ Westchester mall, coming back in some of the most horrid traffic I've seen in the pouring rain, walking to the church to language study and making the baptismal program. Then we did less-active look-ups, and went back home. It was so hard man, a ton of walking and in the rain as well. Then we got picked up by Steven and driven over in his ghetto Crown Victoria to the house of Yadira. I was laughing with her and joking around a ton already, and only on the first visit, we were loving it. She made the day go from terrible to fantastic for me.

4/14/13 Holy freak today was crazy! Had PEC with the bishop, then church, and then a baptism for Michelle Denise for the sisters. It was Sister Richey's last day in Yonkers as she is getting transferred after a year of serving here, crazy. After the baptism, Elder Pickard and I went to the Saint Joseph's hospital to give a blessing but they wouldn't let us in, haha, oh man. We then walked to our dinner appt. at the Munoz family's house. I ate so much, and freaking everybody was there, it was so cool. Afterwards, we tracted into "Mongoo" (Jose Jimenez) and set up a time to visit him, then we tracted into Billy who hasn't been seen in 6 months and set up a time with him. It was great, a fantastic day and night. 

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