Friday, April 12, 2013

4-10-2013 5th week in the field!


Hello there everybody! It has been a crazy fantastic week here in Yonkers, NY, I've been loving almost every second of it! (: The Spanish is coming along well, we've taught a TON, and being with the four elders I'm with is just such a blast, I am so blessed to be with an apartment of dudes that get along well with each other. Transfers are coming up soon, and I, no matter what happens, I get to drive next cycle I'm so stoked. I've driven twice so far, it's exhilarating driving in such a busy place, I love it. I hope though that none of the elders get transferred, although it will probably happen. I was in the biggest transfer so far, but they are still coming in!! 28 new ones this cycle, it's going to be crazy and I have no idea how  it'll all work but I have faith. Heck, I may even train! Which is a weird thought haha, I've only been in the field a month! :0 But I just can't wait to see what happens.

I have to start off with my blast of a P-Day that I had and will atttach pics for. We went to Harlem my comp's first area, and it was great! So busy and so fun, and I got a lot of good deals on sweet stuff. We had fantastic dollar slice pizza, I got 4 ties for 20 bucks from the tie guy, and they're gorgeous quality ties, beautiful paislies and polka dots. I also got a sweet NY hat for like 5 bucks and it's a quality genuine snapback. Anyone wanting to get good deals on things needs to come here they got everything! Haha,but it was also of course super rough and walking those streets is dangerous. But we had a great fun time, and saw and did cool things.

So how did everyone like conference? I loved it, Uchtdorf and Bednar rocked it, and Packers poem was awesome. And who knew President Monson was a pyro? The week of General Conference we didn't teach a ton because people travelled and were with a lot of family and such, it just didn't happen. However, we're starting the new week off strong. Monday we taught like 8 lessons. 8 OF THEM. Elder Pickard and I went so hard, tracted for a while, and it was just awesome. Later that night, with the hermanas, we had a dinner appt with a recent convert member, la familia Paolo (I am starting to transfer spanish things to english, I just don't even remember some things in english haha) It's dominic and his wife and they're a wonderful young married with kids couple who know both languages fluently and prefer to speak in english. It was an awesome dinner and dominic thinks I'm cool, we both shared in our love for Dr. Pepper, and now we're tight. A technique of impressing members and investigators and building relationships off of mutual agreeances is super important to have in what we do and who we talk with to get them to like you. Thankfully, I'm in, haha!

Tuesday we went to Judy's and had krispy kremes and cookies and we talked about her utah trip and she talked to us about all of our moms that she called haha. We then had our noche de amistad and went home.

Today, we've been sleeping and transferring music to ourr ipods and doing laundry and sprucing up. Now I'm emailing, haha, and tonight we'll teach about 3 lessons. I'm just loving it, it's growing on me hardcore here, but I miss everyone and home as well. By the way, tell Kylee and Bradford congrats! (: (Kylee is Mitch's cousin that got married last week)

I love you all, keep staying strong and relying on the Lord.

Elder Buckley

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