Friday, March 15, 2013

1st letter from the field!!


HOLY SMOKES, I'm so sorry for not writing the other day, I feel so bad. We had no time though. Ok, I will preface this email saying that it shall be quite disorganized as it's my first one but that I will be better, I just want to get everything in. Yes, I am serving in Yonkers and I'm loving it!! It's quite ghetto, but nicer than Bronx and Harlem. Haha, this opportunity to serve is  gonna bless my life so much. I am living with Elder Picard (duh, he's my awesome comp) and we live with English elders as well. Elder Aagard and Elder Rydalch, we all get along pretty great. We are in a car share, so we get the Toyota every other day and we bike every other day. SOOO nice too, not having to pay for the bikes, they're nice Trek ones. Where we live is pretty ghetto, like DARN ghetto. I will be sending out all the pics I can today of everything I have taken pics of. Man, what to even talk about there's so much!! K, so Elder Picard. He's a fantastic guy, and we get along pretty well. He's from the BYU area in Utah, and he went to school there. He speaks well and he's been out for like 9 months. I will, and already am, picking up Spanish quick. People are from all over, the DR, Mexico, Nicaragua, just tons of places. The Domincanos are the hardest to understand. They don't pronounce the 's', and they talk super fast. But they're great. The food is good too, I don't mind it at all. Yucca, platanos, tortas, you name it I've had it now, and it's all good. So no worries there. And I finally got some antibiotics, and it's been helping a lot, it's only been like four days but they're working.

Tracting, street contacting, lessons, noche de amistad (family night), and the tables, and flyers, I've got a lot of experience under the belt so far. Rejection, acceptance, it's all good. The Spirit and the love I've already developed for our investigators and members and people in general is quite strong. I've also met a lot of the ward (yes, we have a ward!(: ) and they're all great. I forgot to take a pic of the entrance to the church but it's pretty crazy. It's just a regular church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints sign and then two double doors that are small, and it's between a Lil Caesars and s Mexican shop. Hood, man. Imma come back with a lotta street skills, haha. Not too ghetto though, I promise. I've already talked to guys that go by Scar, Candyman, the Runner.... yeah. But I feel safe here, so don't worry.

I wish so badly that I could tell you absolutely everything in order, but I can't and I probably can't remember everything so I'll just keep going. Some of the lessons we've taught are in English to kids that prefer English, or even adults that prefer English. Pretty interesting actually. But beautiful. I taught the plan of salvation to a 14 year old boy investigator with his best buddy in English and the Spirit was so strong. It's fantastic. Also, there are great deals in NY. Great hats for 10 bucks that would normally go for 80, and great deals on shirts. Great pizza, dollar a slice. I don't have any pics yet of those, but I will the next time. Also, I lost more weight. I'm at like 182. It feels weird haha, I've gone in two holes on the belt, and my pants fall off just buttoned without a belt. And my rings fit now. Beautiful thing. Anyhoo, so yeah, it's been hard but I'm eating it up.

I love President Morgan and Sister Morgan, and they like me too. (: Actually today I had my first interview with President and he expressed a lot of love and appreciation for me already (Watch, I'll have to train after the first cycle haha) He's actually adopted, maybe a convert I don't remember, and yeah, some more stuff too. So Dad, you could be one! Never know!

Alright, last but not least, my first P-day. Picard spoiled me and took me to the city!!!!!! (((: Manhattan, the subways, oh man! Freaking great! We went to Times Square, the best pizza joint, I bought an I heart NY shirt, we went to the BIG EAST TOURNAMENT in Madison Square Garden, walked around and saw everything, where the Letterman show is done, oh man, just so much stuff!! I got pics don't worry.

Know that my love for you all is grand, and I want you to know that I'm out here for the right reasons and that I hope I can make you proud.

P.S. We might have 2 bap dates, so stoked!! And email me whether or not you liked the personals that I would do, and if you want me to keep doing them, or if this format is better. Alright, bye! I'm gonna start sending the pictures.

Elder Buckley

(Or Elder Blackberry as one hermana calls me cause she cant pronounce Buckley, hahaha! )

I love you all so much. 

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