Monday, February 4, 2013

1st E-mail

Hey everyone! Guess what?! I'm alive! (: I made it through my first week in the MTC, and it so far has been a blast! It is so spiritual here, and there are some amazing people in my district! Funnily enough, my companion is from Mesa Arizona and we actually went to the same high school, but I never met him! His name is Elder Quin Ficklin, for those of you reading this who know the Ficklin family. He's a great guy and we're progressing in the gospel just fine together. I've not gotten too homesick, though I miss all of you, my friends and family, very much. Thank you for supporting me and loving me as you have, and for raising me right, it has reall;y helped me here. Soon to be Elder Boren: Happy Birthday! Haha, while writing this I just wanted to wish you a good birthday and luck on your preparation in entering the MTC. I know you will like it here a lot, it's a great feeling being here, and it's a nice family style feeling and a lot of camraderie to be had. And that goes for anyone else preparing to go to the MTC, and those who are thinking about going on missions. The MTC is a great place. The Lord matches you up with a companion that He knows will suit you best. Also, the Lord will never give you more than you can handle. Granted, our days are soooo long (Honestly 10+ hours of studying/teaching), but He gives you strength to get through it. My Spanish is coming along quite well, and everyday that goes by I feel more and more comfortable speaking the language. Everyone is nice here and so loving and understanding. Today, which is my P-Day, we are going to pull a small prank on the newbies. On the first day you arrive in the MTC, you get your nametag and on that nametag there is an orange sticker they place on the front. We are going to turn our nametags around to the black, blank side and put the sticker on the front and ask, "Oh my gosh, elders, where did you go to get your nametags engraved?!" Haha, we had some elders do that to us as a little prank and I thought it was so funny, it needs to be reciprocated. So, in our rooms, we have four elders a room with a shared desk and we each get our own closet. It's nice, and somewhat similar to a traditional dorm room, like the ones at BYU sort of ish. Also, in the rooms, there are these things called "Narnia holes". Those are little metal plates/vents that just cover up holes or vent openings. It's tradition to put stuff in those holes for the next set of missionaries taking your place. In ours we got 6 boxes of Pop-its, 4 bages of party poppers a slashed woopie cushion, tinsel, and a broken toy gun. Haha. It's soooo tempting to use them, but we'd get kicked out for sure! Haha. Hmmm, what else to talka bout. Oh yeah, so choir. It's awesome. So many people like to do it. So far I have had it twice, once for practice and the other was singing in the devotional we had, it was with L. Clayton of the Seventy. The choir director is super funny, and he relates what we sing to the gospel and he has such a happy bright countenance all the time. He's definitely someone to emulate. Alright, now I'll talk about class. I have technically 3 teachers, Hermano Salisbury, Hermana Nishigucci, and Hermana Call. Hermano Salisbury is the main teacher, he is so funny and really knows how to teach. Hermana Nishigucci is the assistant teacher and she is very spiritual and actually served in the Mesa Arizona mission, for most of it in the Alta Mesa Stake! What a small flippin world. Haha. And Hermana Call plays "Bonnie" our practice investigator. She is really REALLY authentic, and knows exactly how to act as an investigator. There are 11 people in my district, all New York North Spanish, except for one Elder Morales going to Ogden Spanish. Here are their names: Hermana Skinner, Hermana Springum, Hermana Barlow, Elder Critchfield (and old EFY buddy of mine, again small world), Elder Morales, Elder Gleason, Elder Palmer, Me, Elder Ficklin, Elder Sprunt, and Elder Mcculloch. They're a great bunch, and we really all get along pretty well. MTC food: Mom, I really miss your cooking. All I'm saying. Hahaha.

Well, I love you all so very much. I am so greatful for all the love and good times, bad times, and for the lessons. You all my friends and family really must have done a number on me because I am having great success. (: Please write me on DearElder, I love having everyones letters it lifts me up.

I love you all,

Elder Buckley

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