Friday, October 25, 2013

Letter from 9-11-2013


So, the mission has been going awesomely! I've seen so many miracles, had so many interesting experiences, and completely lost track of time! Everything goes so fast here, it's crazy! We have, wait for it.... 3 baptismal dates for this month of September!! One is Edwin, a white Ecuadorian man who is about 35 for the 22nd of September, and then Mileyka who is 16, from the Dominican Republic, for the 29th of September, and then one we just acquired, Gary for the 29th of September. We have the baptisms after the meetings for like a 4th hour and its a big celebration with lots of food. Hey, can't complain! Unless it's "cui" which is guinea pig. Then, some complaining might be in order.

Other than that, still training Elder H here in Yonkers. He's from a town as big as my high school, some place called Blanding in Utah. With a name like that, it's gotta be good. (;  And things have been going well, nothing but improvements from the current elders living here in Yonkers. Our apt is much cleaner, our cars as well, and we have been more obedient. Obedience leads to blessings, no doubt, but there comes a point to where its almost annoying. Something I've been trying to figure out as I study and commit myself to obeying more and more. (He gets that attitude from his Mother - Sorry)

So, the biggest announcement: The NYNYN mission will be receiving the ability to proselyte online and every missionary will be receiving his or her own iPad mini, this October! It's a really exciting advancement in missionary work, and I'm SUPER interested in finding out how it will all be carried out.

Things are going well! If you wanna write me and you're expecting an answer, probably through email, but I'm getting better with letters!

Love you all!

-Elder Buckley

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