Friday, June 7, 2013

6-5-2013 Letter


Hello everybody back home! (: Can you believe I've been gone as long as I have?! I can't either, I will hit my 5 moth mark (almost 1/4 of the way on my mission) on the 23rd of this month. SOOO crazy!! Time just flies, I don't even understand how or why it does like it does, but it just... does I guess haha.

Just want to say first, thanks to everyone who wrote me this past week, it really means a lot. When I open my email once a week and see names of those I know and love, it just brings a huge happiness and a knowledge that I have people that are looking out for me, which is awesome.

So I hope everyone had a good week! My week has been good, so so so crazy and is continually getting crazier, but it's awesome. We had our only white ward member, and 1 of 2 in our ward to serve a mission, Hermano Jon T. leave the Yonkers Spanish ward for Colorado. It was a sad day, in the which we ate A LOT of food. And, speaking of food, Elder P. and I tried this place on South Broadway called, "La Pupusa Loca" which is Salvadorean food, and it was amazing. I decided to go out on a limb and try the buffet. Smartest decision ever. For $7 I get unlimited food and drink for 2 hours, and it's all delicious. Whenever we don't have a dinner appointment we are for sure headed there haha! And last comment about food. This past memorial day, we went to Hermana Ruth's house to have a lesson, and on the way over there we just started seeing a ton of people outside just having BBQ's, on every street corner. Lo and behold, Hermana Ruth was having one as well, and we just ate a ton and just chatted and didn't really even have a lesson. It was a nice treat for memorial day.

So, now for the craziest part of the week. Either today, or tomorrow we have to take the car in to Scarsdale to get it fixed and they say it'll be in the shop for like a week and a half. HOLY FLIP. We're all just going to be walking to our appointments in Yonkers just sweating real good. I don't even know how we're goiong to walk to everything, we have so many packed days, it's nutty.

Speaking of having a lot of stuff going on, we really do. We've got a guy named Edwin Magdalena who came to us saying that he knows the church is true and that he wants to  be baptized and he is actually the nephew of one of the sisters in the ward. It's pretty awesome I'm excited, we're going to start working with him to reach that goal really soon. Also, we have a Mario G., who's been inactive for forever saying he wants to return to the church. We're working with him really hard as well and clearing up anything he needs to. And we have a martin and an Andy that are reaching that point where we will ask them to be baptized. And we also have a lot of past investigator work that we're doing , it's all just great stuff and I'm really excited.

Now even amongst all that I had the amazing privilege to go to a Yankee's game this past P-Day and lemme tell ya, it was awesome. I never thought I'd be in NY on the mission, let alone going to a Yankee's game it's sweet.

Well, that's all for now. The church is true, like, all the way, and I want to let you all know I'm doing just fine in ghetto Yonkers.

With love and highest regards,

Elder Mitchell Buckley

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